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  1. When I had my first child 15 years ago I did not breastfeed due to medical contraindications. I had my heart set to breastfeed this time around. The mistake I made was thinking that breastfeeding would just happen naturally and I didn’t take the time to talk to others nor do research. I was in for a rude awakening. My baby had a hard time latching on and I had to supplement with formula while in the hospital due to my son having jaundice and there on out things got really difficult for me.

    Kat saw me in the hospital and did such a great job educating me about all the specifics of breastfeeding. Me being exhausted and not retaining any of the information she was giving me, Kat made sure to put everything she taught in writing so I can refer back to it. Kat was very professional, calm, understanding, encouraging and nurturing which made the teaching experience a pleasant one. Beyond being of assistance while I was in the hospital, Kat has been available to support me once I was at home as well. I had so many questions and felt so lost when I was home and am very grateful that Kat has made every effort to support me when I needed her. She is a great resource and I plan on recommend her services!

    Hoai M.

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