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  1. My son was born at 28 weeks and 6 days and as expected my body was yet to produce breastmilk. Kata was great in raising my spirits and motivating me to pump a couple hours after my emergency C-Section. She was very knowledgable of breastfeeding and passed on valuable information about breastfeeding, from pumping, latching, increasing milk supply and safe storage of milk. Within a matter of 3 days or so my colostrum came in and it was great to be able to share that joy and excitement with Kata (she was a great emotional support during those tough first couple of days). My son will be 8months on April 5th and I thank God for a healthy, happy and growing baby. He is so chunky and continues to fascinate me. With the motivation and knowledge I’ve gained from Kata I am still breastfeeding. My baby drinks fortified breastmilk while I’m at work and on my days off I exclusively breastfeed and it has been working out great. Kata has kept up with my progress with regards to breastfeeding and would highly recommend her services to all my friends and family that are expecting! Thank you Kata, because of you I am determined to give my baby boy an extra push and protection in life by providing him with this liquid gold!


  2. Kathrina was an absolute lifesaver for our baby and this new mama.
    It all started when we went in for postpartum check-up 3 days after labor, and our baby had lost a little over 10% body weight. This was concerning and when seeing my pediatrician the next day she was concerned and wanted to see weight gain overnight. This was discouraging for my breastfeeding journey for I really had set a goal to exclusively breastfeed my baby.
    After this appointment our pediatrician, I felt as thought there had to some kind support out there, but who could help us over night? Every 2 hour feeding was crucial, every day was crucial to get our baby on the right track, I knew the hospital had lactation support, but with our short 24 hour stay we weren’t able to receive adequate support and in addition, we were on day 4 after the birth which was landing on a Friday making it hard to see a specialist in the hospital. I was desperate and had previously received a contact for Kathrina from a friend, this came to my memory and I promptly gave her a call. I was surprised by Kathrina’s generous and passion for help, knowing how urgent I was she was able to help me there on the spot, she did a over the phone consultation that answered a lot of my concerns and questions. In addition, we were able to do a face-time immediately that evening. THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE lifesaver, we went over my latch and she watched me feed, and did some positioning corrections and my latch was fixed! It was a night and day difference!

    The next day we went in for a weigh in, this was only 14 hours since the our previous weigh in, and our baby has gained a whopping 2oz over night!
    It was so relieving to see that we were headed in the right direction.

    Having someone like Kathrina there to help you along your breastfeeding journey can be the thing that you need to succeed. It is not easy, and for many like me, who had their milk come in later due to recovery and needed the personable help, Kathrina was the person to go to. She was helping on me and baby’s schedule which was crucial in those first days after birth. If you want someone who is so personable, goes above and beyond, and extremely passionate and skilled at what she does I highly recommend this service!


  3. I am so happy to have met Kat! I appreciate her nursing background and lactation suggestions. She was always available whenever I needed assistance, answering calls and texts. I would like to thank her for being so patient 🙂 I would recommend her to anyone!


  4. Dear Kat,

    Before i gave birth, I had to decide how to feed my baby and without any experience becuase it’s my first baby I only know that breastfeeding is the healthiest option for my baby based on research, my families and friends, and what my obgyn told me. So when I already have Cerena I was experiencing so much pain while breastfeeding her and that I know we needed help right away. I was so thankful that you were there to help me, and thank you for teaching me how to determine when my baby is latching correctly on my breast. Not only did you guide us through finding the most comfortable positions for us and made recommendations for healing, but also educating me about the proper storage for breastmilk and when to use it. Baby Cerena and I have the most fun and bonding while breastfeeding and she’s doing great as far as latching. Without the knowledge that you taught me, I wouldn’t know anything about breastfeeding and pumping my breastmilk at all.

    You continue to be my trusted resource for questions or concerns. Your sense of calm and endless encouragement were exactly what we needed to get through this challenging time, and I will always be so grateful to you.

    Thank you!

    Hannah and Baby Cerena 🙂


  5. I have had the pleasure to work with Kathrina Chow for several years now. I am a registered nurse and I currently work as a labor/delivery/postpartum and charge nursing in a childbirth center. Every day that I work with a mother that is breast feeding, I ask Kathrina for her expertise and help. Kathrina is always there for our patients. She provides excellent support to each mother by giving them individualized and well planned care. She is knowledgeable, patient, calm, and gentle with her care. Her passion for mothers and babies shines and is essential to our unit’s breastfeeding success rate. She is able to reassure mothers and give them the confidence, support, and tools they need to be successful at breast feeding. I would highly recommend Kathrina as a Lactation Consultant.



  6. After having my first baby last year, I was pretty stressed out and adamant about breastfeeding. My baby wasn’t latching well and I was giving baby formula – which I wasn’t too keen on doing. After the third day of barely drawing out barely any milk, I gave Kat a call. She came over immediately and really focused on helping me and my son. She advised on how often I should pump, breast feeding techniques and even followed up weeks after to see how my baby and I were doing. She was so patient and kind with us as well. I highly recommend Kat!!

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  7. I have had the pleasure of working with Kata at Highline. She is always willing to help mothers with feeding plans, offer tips for successful breastfeeding and to promote ongoing support even after their hospital stay. She provides not only the reassurance that new mothers need but also has such a nurturing and caring attitude. I would highly recommend Kata for continuous lactation support and education.


  8. I am a mom of two, an 8 yr old daughter and a 19 month old son. I breast fed my first daughter and currently still breast feeding my son. With my daughter, I had no absolute warning or heads up about how hard breastfeeding can be. I didn’t know about proper latching or that it is very painful in the beginning. As a mom who had just given birth after 11 hours of labour with no medication, the last thing I wanted to have was a on the spot lesson on how to breast feed, because let’s face it, you just want to be able to rest. Looking back, I wished there was something that I could’ve done in order to be more educated and prepared, I think it would’ve made breast feeding more of a positive experience. I stopped breast feeding my daughter at 4 months because at the time I just thought I simply ran out of milk. Had I known that there are ways to continue to produce milk, I’m sure I would’ve tried, however, I was not made aware of any services or resources should I run into a hiccup in breastfeeding. Fast forward to my now 19 month old, because of my daughter, I knew what to expect and tried really hard to make sure I breastfed him for as long as I could. It was more of a breeze this time around because of my past experience. But at 9 months he got sick with pneumonia and he wasn’t breastfeeding as much and my milk supply decreased. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to stop breastfeeding and so I consulted Kata who was a great source of information and encouragement. She encouraged me to pump before and after feeding and although it took a lot of work, it was worth it and I’m very thankful for that, I wouldn’t have known what to do. 
    I really believe that first time moms who want to breastfeed or even moms who already do should have access to services like this to be well informed and prepared. It helps for a happier and more positive experience and it empowers us as mothers to know that we are capable of providing the best care to our children. All we need is the right guidance, tools and resources and really take advantage of services like this. 
    Thanks Kata for all your help 🙂 


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